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With more than 40 million Latinos and a market that will reach 1.7 trillion dollars of purchasing power by 2020, it is a must, to focus your energies on reaching the Hispanic market.

The Hispanic community throughout the United States is formed of eager digital media consumers who use smartphones and tablets often. Hispanics are quickly replacing conventional television, consuming the majority of their time watching online content. Furthermore, they’ve become a mobile-first generation: Over the last few years, their time spent on mobile video increased by 53 percent and is even higher for those who are Spanish-dominant, with 94 percent who watch a video at least once a week. That’s why it’s crucial for today’s U.S. marketers to use well-crafted mobile advertising to reach this audience.

In the Hispanic community, there are two significant components to impact in terms of advertisement: the significant role of the Spanish language and the multicultural values and traditions that are diverse and rich.  Whether they are recent immigrants or acculturated, third-generation citizens will respond to advertising that entertains their traditions, customs, and culture with respect and admiration.  


One key understanding: Half of all second-generation Hispanics are bilingual, while only 23 percent of third-generation speak Spanish, for this reason, is very important the recognition that cultural identity is bigger than knowing the language.


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