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Virtual Assistants
Virtual Teams

Many options for your Business

Virtual Team - Limited Scope of Work 

When you hire one of our virtual assistants part-time, either our Agency team or the assistants may find additional work opportunities with other clients. When this occurs, our assistants would be considered “Shared” assistants, as they’d share part of their time with you and part of their time with others. This is ideal for those small companies that want to start small and within a budget and then evolve to a dedicated Virtual Assistant.

JVA - Junior Virtual Assistant

VA - Virtual Assistant

SVA - Senior Virtual Assistant

Dedicated Team Members

Hire a virtual assistant to work for you for 160 hours a month, which is considered full-time schedule, you’d be essentially hiring an assistant to work exclusively for you.


DJVA - Dedicated Junior Virtual Assistant


DVA - Dedicated Virtual Assistant


DSVA - Dedicated Senior Virtual Assistant

Ready to get great talent?

Looking for a new job? 

Based in Latin America, Top Global Advisors have incredible English proficiency and business experience.Our assistants will make an impact on your business from day one.

Find remote talent now.
Get more done now.

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